Stories without words: A Bibliography with Annotations

This page presents an overview of comics, cartoons and other picture stories without the use of language.

These stories are therefor readable by every person on the planet, despite his native laguage.

The list is compiled from a 2003 list on a similar website of the University of Michigan completed with additions from my private collection.

Compiled by

Mike Rhode (,

Tom Furtwangler,

David Wybenga,

Paul van Dijken

This list could not be completed without the assistance of the Comix@ list, the Comix-scholars list, Kristen L. Abbey, Andres Accorsi, Will Allred, Ron Atkins, David Bachman, Jerry Bails, Neil Ballantyne, Bob Beerbohm, Blake Bell, Steven M. Bergson, David Beron, Steve Bolhafner, Desmond Brice, Glenn Carnegy, Tom Devlin, Alfred Eichholtz, Mark Evanier, Ron Evry, Harry Fluks and the I.N.D.U.C.K.S. Disney Comics database, Bob Ford, Jochen Garcke, Michael T. Gilbert, Mike Gold, Paul Gravett, Thierry Guitard,R.C. Harvey, Charles Hatfield, Bob Heer, Allan Holtz' Stripper's Guide Index to US Comic Strips and Cartoon Panels, Gene Kannenberg, Jr., Michel Kempeneers, Andy Konky Kru, Roger Langridge, Tristan Lapoussiere, Ken Lemons, Darko Macan, Matt Madden, Jean-Francois Masse, Albert Monteys, Mark Nevins, Nick Nguyen, Rick Norwood, Igor Prassel, Joel Ricker, Leonard Rifas, Trina Robbins, Steve Rowe, Jamie Salomon, Bill Schelly, Jared Smith, Robin Snyder, Zack Soto, David Southwood, Rob Stolzer, Tim Stroup, Juhani Tolvanen, Michael J. Vassallo, Brett Warnock, Doug Wheeler, Steve Whitaker, Craig Yoe, Randy Scott and the Michican State University Comic Arts Collection, and the Grand Comics Database.

Part of this story has been published in APA-I #88 and the International Journal of Comic Art 2:2. As of January 2001, Andy Konku Kru has a webpage Cartoonists Specialising in Silent Comics at In July 2003, Randy Scott of Michigan State University's Comic Art Collection added a Stories without Words genre heading to the index at New additions made after the version published in the International Journal of Comic Art 2:2 are included, but not marked. Comics Stuff is an occasional publication showcasing aspects of comics collecting and indexing beyond the comic book and toy price guides. (c) Copyright of all images with the artists.

This is a work in progress with some citations incomplete therefore additions and corrections are welcome and should be sent to Paul van Dijken at

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